You don’t know what to do in Bali besides Surfing?

There is a lot to discover on this beautiful island and in SurfWG, we offer many activities – so let’s get ready and experience Bali to the fullest!


The Balinese people follow a unique culture and religion. About 90% of the population believe in a special Hinduism. The so-called Agama Hinduism is characterized by a religious-permeated everyday life. Balinese faith can be found in many ceremonies that take place in the temples of Bali every day. Therefor the Hindu island is also called “Island of the 1000 Temples”. So if you want to discover the beauty of Bali – you should visit it’s temples.

In addition to many traditional temple complexes, royal palaces and rice fields in the middle of the island, you will also find plenty of shopping opportunities, as well as beach bars and clubs in the larger coastal towns.

Culture trips and other activities can be booked directly at the camps reception – how about a spontaneous weekend trip to Ubud?

The camp cars can be rented for little money on the weekends – including driver and guide. If you like to go out on your own and not be deterred by Balinese traffic, you can hire a scooter to go to the beach, the supermarket or shopping in Kuta / Seminyak (international driving license necessary).

YOGA, RAFTING and more

There is so much to do in Bali – what you are doing in the end is of course up to. you. But we know: Sports enthusiasts will be happy on Bali!

Diving, wake- & kite-boarding, volcano trekking, rafting, mountain biking or climbing giant trees: Our team is always open-minded and will help you with your planning!

Do you feel more like yoga, massage or a trip to the Gili Islands?

Go ahead – even this is no problem in Bali.

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