Water and sunset closeup foto at SurfWG Bali surf camp
SurfWG surf camp Bali surfguides and guests preparing to go to the water in java

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SurfWG surf camp jungle feeling with girl on bridge


You want to go on a surf trip in east Java? We are very happy  to offer you this great 4-day trip to Grajagan!

Grajagan is a small fishing village at the bay of the well known surfspot G-Land.  Our local guides from java will show you everything about their home and their homespots. You will stay in some really nice bungalows just next to the beach. It’s gonna be you, the guides, the jungle and the ocean! After an incredible surf just enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

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How is the surf in east Java?

The amazing right hander “Pelawangan” is just around the rock, and the “Grajagan beach break” right in front of your bungalow can be great fun too! And when the big swell hits the bay, you will be able to surf one of the longest right handers in Indonesia called “Sri Kuning”. So if you always wanted to surf in east java, you should go with our great local guides!


Surfing in Java, Red Island

Not only G-Land, but also the beautiful beachbreaks from “Red Island” will get you totally stocked! If the swell is perfect, our guides will take you there – it’s just a short car drive from G-Land, about 40 min without any traffic (*smile*).

And last but not least is there the possibility to do a jungle trip to “Tiger Tracks”. There, you’ll find a perfect A-frame reef break, just waiting for vou and you surfboard.



If you wanna know more about the trip and want to see some more pictures – just check out the article about our East Java Surftrip at

Melissa visited us at the camp and joined the java trip – she came back totally stocked!


The 4-day surfing trip to east Java includes:

  • Transfer to east Java incl. ferry
  • 3 nights in beautiful beachfront bungalows
  • Breakfast
  • Surf guiding around Grajangan and Red Island
  • Transfer back to Bali incl. ferry

 Price:  Euro 149,-  (for Surf WG guests)


Optional “Jungle day-trip”

  • Transfer by car and “Ranger Jeep” (or by boat) to the National Park of Alas Purwo
  • Surfing “Tiger Tracks”
  • Transfer back to Grajagan

 Price:  600’000 IDR/ trip (around EURO 40,-)