We have the ideal equipment pool for local conditions. Shortboards of 6’0” – 7’4” and mini-malibus and funshapes from 7’4” – 8’0”. You get your board and leash when you check into the camp. All surfboards are hand shaped and have a polyethylene interior. That means that they can give the best possible performance but, if not handled correctly, they’re easily kaput.


The user has to be for any repairs of these “dings”. We’ll give you instructions as to handle the equipment, so there shouldn’t be any problem. Statistics have shown that it is possible to get through a three-week camp without any accidents! Just remember it’s your baby.

Here’s a rough guide to repair costs

(always depends on how the extent and severity of the ding)

Size of a coin: approx. 2 EUR

Medium ding: approx. 4 EUR

Fist-sized ding: approx. 10 EUR

Fin broken or lost: 6 EUR

Snap: 60 EUR !!